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Save up to $500 on landscape service

Save 1/2 off your first month of maintenance


FREE MOWING!!! We are looking to expand our maintenance division. With the struggling economy, we know it’s tough for everyone. So we would like to pass on any savings we can to our customers. We are offering a FREE MOWING to anyone who can come to work for us! It’s very simple; just sign up a neighbor or a friend and we will give you one FREE MOWING. And it doesn’t stop there! We will give you one FREE MOWING for every new customer you pick up for us!

SLASHING PRICES!!! We would also like to show our appreciation for your business by giving you a DISCOUNTED RATE for any new customer who has a yard adjacent to yours! We will give you and the new customer a DISCOUNTED RATE! Basically combining the two yards will allow us to reduce our rate to the same as that of one large yard. The FREE MOWING will still apply in addition to the new DISCOUNTED RATE! So the more people we can get in a row, the better the DISCOUNT!

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